Bandiana Primary School

44 Leumeah Road
Bandiana VIC  3694

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02 6056 2826
(02) 6024 7317
Monday to Friday 9am-3.30pm
Children at Bandiana have numerous opportunities to shine, whether it be sporting opportunities, academic or various responsibilities not normally experienced at a larger school.

At our school we provide an opportunity for children to learn, play and socialise in a safe, non threatening environment with a clear school discipline policy.

Children at our school have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership skills. Opportunities to be involved in school captaincy, leadership roles such as in town presentations, showing adult visitors our school or speaking at assemblies. Over the last few years many visitors to our school have been most impressed by the capabilities of our students.

We encourage a sense of community through participation in activities such as caring for the chickens, fish and guinea pigs; cross age tutoring and peer support programs; having children responsible for school refuse, the flag, bank books, clean ups, and computers. We encourage the older children to run lunchtime games and tabloids for the rest of the school. We have children engaged in wider school community activities like meals on wheels hoping to extend the community beyond the school gate.